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September 15, 2013
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“No BEN!”

He didn’t stop begging you.

“BEN, stop it! I won’t EVER do that, EVER!” You screamed at him.

He just keeps following you to your room.

You sigh.

Maybe if you just ignore him then he’ll just leave... You walk up the stairs; he floats to your side and pokes you on your shoulder. Your eye twitches. “Plllllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeee”. You keep walking to your room, still ignoring him as he pulled your (h,c) hair and poked your sides. “BEN STOP!!” he was startled by your sudden yell, but he didn’t, he only made himself more annoying if that’s even possible. You stopped at your bedroom door and rushed inside, closing the door on the green hatted boy. You let out a happy breath as you slid down the door. 

You sat on the floor as your phone went off on your (f,c) bed. You stood up and walked cautiously to your bed. You look at your (f,c) phone screen. Picking it up you see your screen says ‘please (y,n), just a peek’ in all red with a black background. You let out a groan as you sit on your bed. “BEN…. F-fine... But just no funny business okay” you say, in a defeated voice. He jumps out your phone in happiness and victory.


You stare at his red irises as you unbutton your (f,c) shirt. He waits, floating in front of you making you a bit uncomfortable. You unbutton the last button, showing your (f,c) bra. You lay your shirt down on the bed and go to unclip your bra, showing your (s,m,b) breast. You blush a light pink on your (s,c) face.

After a minute you speak up to the smirking blonde. “t-there, you had your peek” as you try to put back your bra, BEN grabs your wrists and goes on top of you, pinning you to the bed. “B-Ben what the hell are you doing?!” you say, blushing darker. He eyes your breasts and grins,  pervertivly. You try to get out of his grip, but you fail. He holds your wrists with one hand as he plays with your boobs. You try not to moan but, it feels so good; him squeezing your left breast as he takes the other into his mouth.

 “Aaah~ BEN~” you mewl as his hand twists your nipple and tongue twirls around your other mound. He lets go of your hands while you moan his name again. He caresses your side's and undoes his mouth from your nipple, letting his hands twist and squeeze your breasts. He moves his face to your cherry colored one, your half-lidded eyes look at his. He chuckles "I knew you'd like this (y,n)~" he says as his lips close in with yours. 

The kiss at first is needy, but then turns passionate and then into a full blown French. Your tongues danced with each other as you moaned into his mouth. Without you knowing his on of his hands slipped down to your inner thighs. He rubbed your spot making you gasp and widen your eyes. He only broke the kiss to laugh. "You know (y,n), I wonder if down there's as sensitive as these" with that he flicked your perked nipple making shiver. He slithered into your pants and rubbed you through your panties, feeling your wetness. You blushed a bit more, feeling embarrassed that you were that excited. He continued to rub your panties, making your breathing hitch as his fingers go inside you a bit.

 He leans to your ear, making you feel his hot breath. " You know you want it (y,n), just say it~" his fingers slipping past your panties and moving into your core. "B-BEN..~" your voice cracks as the pleasure surges through you. "I want you~ please~" his teasing making you go crazy, his fingers going in and out of you at such a painfully slow pace. You wanted more. You just couldn't take it anymore. YOU NEEDED HIM NOW! 

He grinned, happy with your answer, he kissed your cheek and took his hand out your pants. He held his wet hand in front of your face. You turned YoUr face away from the clear liquid, embarrassed to the maxed. He said one word that almost made you slap him. "Lick it and you'll get what you want~" you glared at him but, sighed. If you stopped right here then this feeling would never go away. You raised your head and started to lick your liquid from his fingers. After you finished he unzipped your pants and pulled your soaked panties down to the floor. He got undressed and positioned his length at your center sweet spot. "Ready (y,n)?" He said looking at your (e,c) eyes. You nodded.

He thrusted into you, slipping in easily because of your wetness. You gripped his shoulders as he thruster in more giving you loads of pleasure. He moaned as he groaned. The room filled with both of your pleasured sounds. "(Y-y,n) I'm gonna~ ahh-hh~" he pushed into you faster. "Me too B-BEN~" you both came at the same time. His hot seed filling you up. He collapses next you you, pulling himself out of you. You both breath rapidly, trying to catch your breath. You both cuddle up and pull covers on yourselves as you sleep. BEN says one last thing before you close everything out and let sleep come over. 

"Hehe.. What a .. awesome peek.."

………it was a... request to um.. one of m bros.. I forgot.. sorry
Enjoy I guess
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Noom191 Apr 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
BEN: *sneaks up behind me and reads with me* Oh, well then *grabs breast*
Me:*grabs glass of water and splashes it in his face*
GabrielOfPalamecia Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
BEN: I'm sorry to say, but Gabriel died.

Bish, I ain't dead yet!
BEN:*touches my shoulder*I didn't know you read my Lemon stories Amber
Me:don't you even dare touch me BEN*glaring at BEN*
BEN*grabs my breast*oh really what are you going to do to me Amber
Me:*growls and grabbing a giant Book and hits BEN in the face*
BEN:*knocked out cold*
celistina Mar 15, 2014  New member
Me: ////.////
Ben: *looks over shoulder* ohhh so that's the kind of stuff you like
Me:*turns around to face him* don't you dare if you do it I'll drop kick you
Ben: *grabs breast* are you sure?
Me:*drop kicks him* positive
MusicXsmiles17 Mar 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet babycakes BEN THAT WAS NOT JUST A PEEK!!! >//////<
Hola! Handy Manny's Repair Shop, you break it.
Me: O\\\\\\\\\\\O I love this....
BEN: *peeks over my shoulder* like what? *reads it*
Me: BEN?! When the hell did u get here?? *locks my iPod*
BEN: *smiles slyly* so, that's what u love? *puts his hands on my breast*
Me: O\\\\\\\\O don't touch me there!!!!!

I enjoyed this XP
I Luvs it ~ Cx
browniethehedgehog Feb 18, 2014  Student Artist
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