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August 2, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

"GET AWAY FROM ME JEFF!" YOUR scream echoed through the empty halls of the slender mansion. Yep Jeff was chasing you... again, of course there was no one home to help you. "Come on little kitty I only want to see your tail for a minute hehe~" His voice sent shivers down your back and goosebumps on your (s,c) skin. 

Everyday was the same thing......

He'd be sitting on the couch with you, watching tv. Then he starts to try and grab your tail because it keeps hitting him in the face, you'd notice this and try stopping but you can't... after that he'd want to cut your tail off, you'd run and the chase would begin.

"Come on stop it!" You were running out of places to go in and hide. "Don't be afraid, kitten" his voice sounded like it was close. Your tail wrapped around your thigh and ears flattened on your head. You ran upstairs were the bedrooms are and quickly went into a bedroom. 

as you tried to steady your breath you were greeted with tails doll looking at you from his bed. His jem on his head lighting up his face. "Oh.. TD I didn't know y-" "come out come out were ever you are (y,n)~" at that point you jumped on TD with a small 'nya'.

You hit your head a little as you fell on TD.. wait.. as you raised your head you realised how close you were to TD.. Your lips were brushing on each others, you both blushed deep and widen your eyes. "Um I'm sorry TD...I wa-" you were interrupted by TDs lips closing the small gap between you two. 

You were surprised that this was happening to you. You kissed back as soon as you realized that this was happening now. God was he skilled at kissing. Your lips moved in sync together. Your eyes that were closing slowly opened up as TD stroked your tail. You moaned a bit leaving his lips to do so. 

"What are you doing T...D~" he stayed quiet as he stroked your tail and felt your soft (h,c) haired ears. Your tail shook in his hand as he rubbed the tip. "TD why?" You said looking at him, hands on his chest. He only chuckled and leaned to your ear. "I love you (y,n)~" he said in a low husky seductive voice. After that he kissed your ear making you shiver. 

He smirked, feeling you tremble. You sure were melting from everything he was doing to you. You wrapped your arms around him and snaked your tail out of his grasp. Your tail rubbed his length in his pants that was making a tent. He groaned and closed his eyes, biting his lip in the process. 

That was so cute you thought to yourself. His face almost made you just wanna fuck him now but.. Your a lady neko so no goi- you made him lay on the bed as you towered over him, showing that you were in control. He smiled and nodded seeing this. "Nya" you started kissing him again more rough and needyly. As you did so you undid his shirt without him realizing. 

When you finished you broke away from the kiss and grinned when you looked at his body. "damn your built" you said not meaning for it to be out loud. He laughed at your response and rolled over so you were at the bottom and he was at the top. "Hey No fair" you whispered to him making sure Jeff wouldn't find where you are. 

"Oh don't be like that (y,n), just sit back and enjoy the fun" his gem now dangling in front of your face. 

He rubbed your heat through your pants. Your tail hitting the bed in pleasure. "TD.. I..I don't want to be teased~" he stopped rubbing you and removed your pants and panties. You blushed as he took off his pants and boxers. Seeing his length fly up as soon as he took off his last article of clothing made you almost scream. 

He separated your legs as he positioned himself at your entrance. "I'll be gentle okay"  his sweet voice flew into your ears and you relaxed, nodding for him to go inside of you. He slowly made his way in, expanding your walls to his size. Your ears twitched in pain, you bit your lip trying not to yell and make noise. 

"M-move.." You said facing away from him, tears trickling down your red cheeks.

He leaned to your face and kissed the tears away, as he thruster into you. The pain turned into pleasure in a few thrusts. Your moans were going to give yourself away at any minute but you didn't care anymore. moaned loudly when Tails hit a certain spot. "Right- right there TD..~ Oh god more~" 

he kept hitting that same spot making you scream his name. He thrusted in you harder and faster. His hands rubbed your ears and tail. You knew he was almost done, and he knew you were too.

 "(Y,N)~" he screamed your name as he came inside you making you cum too.

You were both tired and weak, TD took out his length and fell to your side, he grabbed a blanket and put it over you both. He kissed your cheek and wrapped his arms around you.

"Love you (y,n)"

"Love you too TD"

Your tail wrapped around his leg. Your ears flattened on your head as you both feel asleep.


Jeff heard everything that just happened. He was surprised that his plan actually worked. He walks away from the door that it all happened in. "That bastard owes me" he says as he walks down stairs, laughing.
Requested by: :iconepickitty12:
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TD: *Checks his phone the next day* Da fuck?
Text: You owe me bitch. 30 bucks by tomorrow! - Jeff
TD: Fuck, this was sent yesterday!
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*phone rings*
TD: Hello? *forgets its on speaker*
*hangs up*
TD: Heh. what was he talking about?
Me: *bitchslap* :iconslapplz:
LinkDrowned Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Student Writer
Me: *wakes up to find a text on tails phone*
Text: hey tails! It's jeff, you owe me for your fun time that I got you with (y/n). Pay me the 30 bucks and I'll call it even.
DarkbeautyXjeff Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Jeff: 39000000 
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Jeff: WHAT!? He paid me 300 bucks!
Me: -___-
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-_- Jeff seriously Slender will be hearing about this...
Jeff:No Inspiron I'm sooooorrry!!!
Me:Fine but you owe me a waffle
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